The Rattan Lal Jain Foundation

Registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales under number 1095401










Where will your donations go?



New school building - setting-up of new schools within areas where people do not readily have access to an education

School development
  • Building classrooms and specialist rooms e.g. laboratories, music rooms
  • Furnishing classrooms e.g. electric fans, desks, blackboards
  • Furnishing of science laboratories
  • Computers and IT facilities
  • Books for school libraries
  • Text books
Student scholarships
Extension of transport facilities for students through the purchase of school buses 
We promise that all donations will be used directly for the benefit of students.  No one linked to the charity is paid a salary.  The Foundation's funds are not used for administrative expenses.
Example costs:
  • Building of a classroom - 2,000


  • Furnishing of a classroom - 500


  • Building a library - 5,000-7,500


  • Furnishing of a library - 2,500 7,500


  • Student scholarship - 50-75 p.a.


  • Computer - 500


  • Second hand school bus - 5,000-6,000




The Rattan Lal Jain Foundation  2009   UK Registered Charity number 1095401