The Rattan Lal Jain Foundation

Registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales under number 1095401











Our principles



We believe that everyone has the right to an education and we believe that such education will give potential life to the hopes, dreams and aspirations of countless children fighting the forces of poverty and hunger. We strongly believe that education has the ability to empower and liberate not only children today but also the generations that follow.
The opportunities that we, in the West, take for granted, are not available to many people around the world. Many children in, for example, rural parts of India, simply do not have the resources for any form of formal education - varying from actual schools, teachers, space in classrooms, transportation, books, clothes and fees.
We believe that education is the platform upon which to lift people out of a vicious cycle of poverty and that by giving this gift to the poor of the world, we can encourage sustainable development.
The guiding aims of the Foundation are far-reaching.  At present our target has been to ensure children and young adults (without prejudice to race, religion, caste or gender) within villages in Punjab, India are able to access an education.  All schools receiving donations from the Foundation are secular.






The Rattan Lal Jain Foundation  2009   UK Registered Charity number 1095401