The Rattan Lal Jain Foundation

Registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales under number 1095401











Our story



Rattan Lal Jain, the founder of the Foundation, was brought up in a humble environment in Morinda, a village in Punjab, India.  He educated himself through reading books and his desire to learn members of his family often quote having seen him reading under a street light as they could not afford the oil for lanterns.
He later went on to become a headmaster in a high school in India and with his wife Bimla Devi Jain, who supported him throughout his life and gave her blessings for the start of the Foundation, moved to England in the 1960s.
In the UK he worked in various jobs including working as a labourer in an iron foundry for many years prior to becoming a school teacher in a high school in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.  He went on to become Head of Mathematics and to hold other senior teaching positions in secondary schools within the UK for many years.
The trustees of the Foundation include members of the Jain family.






The Rattan Lal Jain Foundation  2009   UK Registered Charity number 1095401