The Rattan Lal Jain Foundation

Registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales under number 1095401











Our activities



Building and developing schools to date we have:
  • Donated land and built a new school which now has over 300 children in attendance of ages 5-16 and is admitting students of ages 16-18 from September 2009 (with capacity of ~150)
  • Developed two schools through the building of additional classrooms, science laboratories and libraries
Maintaining schools and ensuring facilities develop over time 
  • Thousands of books and 20 state of the art computers were donated and transported from the UK through the support and generous donations of the local community in Newcastle
  • Providing funds to ensure schools are able to stay solvent
Awarding of grants
Each year two scholarships are awarded to children on the basis of academic performance.  A prize is also awarded to a teacher who devotes the most time to extra-curricular activities and cultivates the wider development of students.
Developing access
Many parents in India are reluctant to allow their children to travel large distances to school and do not have the resources for private transportation.  So far we have funded the purchase of two school buses.







Please note that the schools we support are not state backed and students pay a nominal fee per annum.


The Rattan Lal Jain Foundation  2009   UK Registered Charity number 1095401